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Featured Projector Panasonic PT AE8000
Panasonic AE8000E
The PT-AE8000 features 480 Hz-driven LCD panels, which lengthen the time 
that the shutter is open about 1.5 times the duration of a 240-Hz drive system
Together with Panasonic’s original high-precision overdrive technology, 
this improves the brightness of the 3D images. As anyone knows that has
a 3D TV the normal 2D content is chrisper this is also the case on this much
larger 100" plus image with the AE8000. Easily better than any normal theatre.

Get the largest image for your money at AIM.


  • Epson's New Home Cinema projector model TW8200 is top of the range
    Epson TW8100 is Epson's 2D/3D 1080 HD Projector with class. Limited Stocks.
    Note Epson make all 3-LCD light engines as used in the best Home Cinema projectors
    See also NEW for 2014 Epson top of the range TW8200


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Epson's new TW5200 entry level price for serious 3D gaming and cinema 

EPSON TW5200 Home Cinema / Gaming Projector

Enjoy Full HD 1080p at a price lower than you'd expect.

Great performance practically anywhere, in 2D or 3D. Images are always rich and brilliant with 2,000 lumens of colour brightness and 2,000 lumens of white brightness. 

  Worlds Brightest 3D Home Cinema Projectors 

Epson EH TW 8200 home cinema projector

Epson EH TW8200 Home Theatre Projector

When you buy an Epson TW8100 / TW8200 you get top end Epson EH TW9100/TW9200 CR / Brightness / Lens Shift specifications for a price much less than you'd expect to pay.

Designed for avid 3D and HD movie lovers, this is Epson’s new high-end 3D / HD projector which also offers the brightest 3D images in the world**.

This is made possible by its high frame refresh rate that is twice as fast as other 3D projectors, and which minimizes the “blackout time” between 3D image frames.

The projector is also able to convert 2D movies to 3D using its advanced image processor and sports a host of advanced Epson image processing technologies like Super Resolution Technology and Frame Interpolation Technology.

The EH-TW8200 is also equipped with lens shift and pixel alignment correction capabilities that allow users to shift the image so that the projector remains properly placed even in varying installation scenarios.

Key Features Epson EH TW8200 - True HD Home Theatre Projector

  • 3 x Brighter Colours and reliable performance* - 3LCD, 3-Chip Technology
  • Full HD 1080p, widescreen performance - For movies, games and more — up to 300" 
  • Exquisite detail - Up to 600,000:1 contrast ratio, plus Super-resolution technology
  • Place the projector virtually anywhere - 2.1x zoom and the widest horizontal lens shift available make it easy
  • Exciting 2D/3D adventures - Eye-popping 3D entertainment at home with the included RF 3D glasses
  • Stunning picture uniformity and colour - Features a state-of-the-art Fujinon® lens and built-in cinema filter
  • Projector Warranty 2 years, Lamp Warranty 750 hours or 1 year whichever comes first

Proof you don't need to pay more to watch 3D with the maximum brightness is found in our new review on 3D contrast ratio.  Go for the Epson TW8200.   Projector reviews on homecinemacentral.com.au

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Office or Home there is no substitute for size.

If you want a massive 100 inch or more theatre or board room experience for less than you'd pay for a TV half that size you've come to the right place. You can take a projector on holidays or anywhere, (even use a wall to project onto) not so with a large TV.


Home Theatre on a budget

Save!! NEC 43G Data Projector is ideal for the Board Room or the Lounge Room.

Project up to a Massive 300 Inch picture, anywhere you want, with auto-focus and wall-colour-correction. 10m HDMI cable included

NEC 43G HD STB Bundle


Free Delivery


Below you'll see an 120 inch (approx) projection in movie mode projecting directly onto a wall.

Like a man or a boy?
Actual image

Why would you risk paying web sites that don't really have stock?

Our warehouse real stock

AIM can supply you with a 100 inch true home cinema projection set up for far less than any alternative.

We buy in bulk and REALLY keep our own stock. This means we have everything you want to buy at a great price. We'll get you the HomeTheatre setup, Printer, Scanner or Digital Imaging product you want.

We have home theatre bundles ready to go at prices that will blow you away! Already have a screen, or want a bigger screen? Let us know, we have the stock and the expertise to get you set up quickly and enjoying the cinema experience you've been waiting for!

Home cinema Projection screens.

Supernova’s unique home cinema screens use active optical technology to enhance contrast and colours and at the same time diminish the disturbing reflections of light from windows and room lighting. They perform better than conventional screens in bright and dark environments.

Even with a standard front projector you can get a good viewing experience by using a Supernova front projection screen for your home cinema system – in a bright room or dark.

By combining the superior image quality typically limited to optical rear projection with the minimal space requirements and installation ease of front screens, Supernova delivers the best of both worlds.

Contact us for demo specials

4k Projectors & TV, down the track it will be 8k!

  • 4k is a much higher resolution TV picture than HDTV and there are two future evolutions of Ultra HDTV currently under development:
  • 4k with a 3840x2160 (8.3 megapixels) resolution.
  • 8k is 7680x4320 (33.2 megapixels).
  • 4k and 8k represent a doubling / quadrupling of the resolution of standard HDTV, 1920x1080.

8k will come so why not wait and go direct to 8k? In Japan NHK, Sony, Sharp, Hitachi and Panasonic look set to upgrade their infrastructure to 8K. They don't want to upgrade to 4k then do it all again for 8k. This should last 20-30 years and will permit 4k broadcast at the start then later 8k without any futher work paid for to do hardware upgrades. Be aware there is not much 4k content around and almost no 8k.

8k and glasses free 3D

Source & Homecinemacentral

The future is 8k and glasses free 3D it's still years away but TV stations, Network providers and production houses would rather pay once to upgrade to 8k equipment than 4k now and few years later pay again for 8k.

4k is just a step on the ladder. The current HD 3-LCD projectors give you that "film" feeling, super sharp images without DLP rainbows. Too much detail can take away from the movie experience (you think you're watching "the making of") because you're spending time looking at the fine details & missing the movie!

Daylight Projection Screens

Daylight Screen

The image above is an ACTUAL from our Directors home, the sport was live and the sun is the same outside as projected on the screen. In other words given the correct screen you can watch cinema in a less than dark room!

Top Selling Projectors

Managers Special Low Prices AV Manager's Specials

Projector NP43G 


Save!!  Free 10m HDMI cable 

Not only do you save around 45% on RRP for this Auto Focus, ultra portable, XGA projector, but thanks to the wall calibration function you don't even need a screen!

  • Ultra-portable
  • Auto-focus / auto-zoom
  • Wall colour-correction


AIM has the best prices to buy Home Cinema Projectors

Epson TW8100 3D projector best price

EPSON Projector EH TW8100

Save 25% The best value top of the range 3D & HD 3-LCD

Why pay more for top 2D and 3D performance?
There is a new model (TW8200) but really it's 99% the same.

  • Full HD 3D performance
  • Massive 320,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Genuine Epson warranty

Panasonic PT AE 8000 3D projector best price

Panasonic PT AE 8000 Projector

Save 30% If you want the best, also available with 3D Glasses (bundle)  

Redesigned from the ground up to the PT AE8000 achieves higher basic 2D performance and packed with unique 3D features to deliver the 3D quality demanded by the Hollywood professionals.

  • Best in class
  • Full HD 3D performance
  • Unbelievable 500,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 3 Year warranty by Panasonic Australia


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