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Laser printer vs inkjet reviews

Which Printer to buy?

Review by  Ausmedia.com.au
EPSON Workforce precision core printers

 OKI C711   Ink jet - Laser - Solid Ink Printers 

Thinking "which printer should I buy"?

Laser printers are favored by business for 2 reasons, high speed and lower running costs.

The image below (middle in particular) also illustrates (from our experience) the difference between ink jet printers on plain paper vs. solid ink on plain paper.

Solid ink does not get absorbed into the paper so it doesn't have that washed out and blotted look you've seen from ink jet prints.

The only laser printers that can give solid ink a run for the money in this regard are in our opinion the more expensive "Pro-Graphics" models.

Solid Ink vs. Laser / Ink Jet printers

|More on Solid Ink|

This is still the case however the gap has closed and in some cases ink jet printers may actually be the smarter choice.

The mistake many make is buying a cheap printer then having sticker shock when it comes to replacing the ink or toner which often costs more than the printer.

How can this be so, a printer costs less than the ink?

Why not just keep buying printers (as some do, not knowing all the facts).

There are several reasons not to just buy printers and bin them when the ink/toner runs out. Firstly printers use ink and toner to prime the engine which means put simply fill up the pathways and internal reservoirs from the consumables to the print engine and in the case of ink jet prime/flush the print heads.

What this means is a new printer won’t print as many pages as you’d expect if you do the math on the cartridges. Your second set of consumables normally lasts much longer.

Another trap is most “cheap” printers come with “starter” toners or ink.

This means they have enough capacity to prime the printer and do some printing. When you're tossing between printer models in the which printer to buy for the money consider running costs and the amount of consumables that come in the box.

As printer companies only make money on the consumables they are not going to give you a $200 printer with $450 worth of toner in it else everyone would simply buy printers and never consumables.

This trap can be avoided for people who worked out the cost per page.

As a general rule the cheaper the printer is to buy, the dearer it is to run.

Cost per page is the main consideration in your choice to know which printer to buy.

"..My Lexmark Z65 printer (about 4 yrs. old) goes thru black ink too fast. I get about 20 pages out of a black ink cartridge. Should I just toss this thing and get something reliable?.."

"..At $22 per quarter-ounce, a Hewlett-Packard color ink-jet cartridge is more expensive, by weight, than imported Russian caviar.."

CPP or TCO* is what it comes down to in business, especially if you do a lot of printing.

*Cost per page/print - Total Cost of Ownership.

Your business can save thousands per year with the right printer.

Cost price of the actual printer should not be the biggest factor, running cost per page over the life of the printer and that it can print to your requirements should be the main considerations.

"..It’s called a “cash cow”. They sell you a junk printer one year, you buy a two-pack of ink, but before you can use all the ink, the printer breaks (of course it can’t be fixed), so then you buy another printer which then doesn't take the same ink cartridge, so you go buy some more ink. See where this is going? As long as we continue our love affair with paper, this lovely cash cow will not go away.."

Canon Maxify Printer Price ReviewCanon Business Inkjet - 2 Trays - Double Sided Printing

The perfect all in one printer package Canon’s new MAXIFY MB5360 lets you print copy scan and fax – delivering outstanding quality each and every time you use it.

Presenting an impressive array of features this remarkable inkjet printer helps boost efficiency in a number of ways.

Its not only delivers incredibly fast print speeds it also provides duplex print copy and scan options a Scan to Cloud function two high capacity paper trays and four individual ink tanks with XL capability.

Go GREEN with Fuji-Xerox solid Ink printing


Fuji Xeorx Solid Ink Printers


Maintenance, hidden charges. 

Some companies won’t leave you much change from $1000 for a service call on a mid end business printer so it’s wise to get a 3 year on-site warranty where possible. Naturally this depends on how much you rely on the printer; another idea would be to have a spare printer.

You need to research the total cost per page.

8870 vs. HP 4225

Include all consumables and maintenance charges when working out TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.. 

Here is one reason people like Laser Printers, they don't need to use ink that gets dumped in the base of the printer (or ink collection tank) to clean the heads   Here is one reason people like Laser Printers, they don't need to use ink that gets dumped in the base of the printer (or ink collection tank) to clean the heads
The only way to get to the truth is to do some testing as we do.

With a laser printer toner is often not the only consumable. You may need to buy imaging drum(s), maintenance kits etc.

All the items you need to keep the prints coming should be factored into the cost per page.

"..I've been using an HP Officepro K550 which apart from continual pickup problems, is a v good printer but don't buy one! Although the printer is fast and duplex is great with no duplex feed problems in 50,000 pages(!) the pickup rollers are far too small and offset so I get continual paper feed problems. Even use HP 90g paper. HP reckon firmware update, which I did to no effect, so I am abandoning HP for the new Epson Business printers which look like everything I want. - Fast duplex inkjet...

Seems HP are too busy creating new models and not concentrating on one that works well.."
- Forum

Inkjets fight back.

In particular Epson Workforce printers are addressing the cost per page issue.

Generally inkjet printers are known for photographic prints, take the likes of the Epson R2000, R3000 A3 Photo printers, as used my many photographers.

A laser printer can’t compete with this photo quality. Not every business needs true photo quality but they may need great “presentation quality” (which would look like a photograph behind glass) and they want it fast, at the lowest cost.

In this case, back to considering lasers such as the Fuji-Xerox C3055DX etc.

Epson are fighting back with their new “business printer” (they don’t like you calling it an inkjet because of all the bad press such as you see in quotations in this review) the Epson Workforce printers give an example of lasers being given a run for their money. Epson have other "business" models but for the sake of a few dollars you may as well get the top of the line as not all can take the high capacity cartridges which you need to keep the cost per page down.

  • There is no “one fits all” printer so you choice should be guided by what it is you have to print, how many and it what time. You may end up with a solid ink printer, inkjet or laser but what you don’t want is a money pit that makes the printer manufactures any richer than they have to be.

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We say why buy the wrong printer when we're happy to give you the correct information so you can make an informed purchase.

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